Chair for Service Operations

Our vision is to provide answers on how service systems can be designed efficiently and to the satisfaction of those involved. For this purpose, known problems, theories and concepts are to be addressed with new methods and technologies in order to help solving these problems. The focus is on the identification of cause-and-effect mechanisms to generate effective and rigour research results.

Operations are the starting point for my research activities as processes are the link between employees, customers and organisational units. There are a number of exciting topics, especially due to new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, augmented reality etc. Here, I am mostly interested which factors are important to achieve a sustainable successful organisation of service networks in these changing conditions. The research of the chair is mainly concentrating on empirical (mostly quantitative) analysis of the impact of new technologies, the design of new forms of working (future of work), the integration of customers in processes as well as the design of service providers. It is important to highlight the individual perspective regarding the integration of employees and customers within these changing conditions.

The aim is to exchange with industry to enable a transfer of research into practice and vice versa. If you have an interest in cooperation or presentation for an industry event please feel free to contact me.