Digital academic teaching from a students perspective

Further locations sought for international survey! Also relevant on faculty level. If it is not suitable now, register for the next round after the semester!


Teaching during the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is certainly different than planed and, above all, more digital. For some, this is long expected, while others would prefer the personal exchange and the motivation that comes with it. We would like to ask students what digital possibilities they can best imagine for their preferred teaching formats and forms of interaction with regard to online teaching, but we would also like to ask them about their general fears regarding digitization. The aim is to give teachers a "customer view" of what students would like to see in their teaching. This allows us to either consider formats appropriately, manage expectations or address concerns.

The scales have already been pre-tested in detail (N = 216) and have also been used live on a larger scale (e.g. medium-sized university with N > 2000).

About the survey

The preferred digital teaching formats and the preferred form of interaction with the teacher are collected separately for lecture, exercise and seminar. Afterwards, reservations about digitization are queried and personal innovativeness is assessed.

Demographic data includes semester, faculty, biological sex and age. Using three anonymous but personal "security questions", a later wave of the survey can be linked to the data now collected; however, no personal data (e.g. e-mail, matriculation number, etc.) are explicitly collected.


If you are interested, please contact us and we will provide you with a link. There is a separate link for each university, which you simply send and receive the results from us. To avoid possible forwarding to students of other universities, there is also the possibility to create anonymous, individual links.

The data collected is completely anonymous and is only provided with a pattern that can be identified by the respective person based on three questions (and cannot be used for identification by third parties). This also allows us to conduct follow-up surveys after a semester that has been held mostly online and to compare results.

The data is stored on Questback, an established provider in the university landscape, whose servers are located in Germany. The further processing of the collected data takes place in separate analyses and the processed results are reflected very promptly (approx. 5 days after the start of the survey).

Current participants

So far, faculties or universities in Bayreuth, Berlin, Bonn, Dresden, Fulda, Gießen, Graz, Greifswald, Hamburg, the Police Academy of Lower Saxony, Rostock, Stuttgart, Vienna and Wismar have already shown interest or have already started the survey. The interest from students is very high, as the four-digit feedback from students at universities shows.


Surveys are already underway at several universities; further surveys will start at the beginning of summer semester 2020; please contact us if you are interested. We would be happy to provide you with immediate support and/or accompany you in the evaluation of digital teaching from the student's point of view in the long term.

Contact details:

Ass. Prof. Dr. Johanna Gast:

Prof. Dr. Michael Leyer: michael.leyeruni-rostockde

Dr. Dr. Carolin Palmer: carolin.palmerpsychol.uni-giessende

Project framework

The project "Digital Academic Teaching from a Student's Perspective" is linked to the project "Digital Anxiety" funded by the Franco-German University. The project initiators are Prof. Dr. Johanna Gast (Montpellier Business School), Prof. Dr. Michael Leyer (University of Rostock, Queensland University of Technology), Dr. Dr. Carolin Palmer (University of Gießen).