In summer term 2020 Prof. Dr. Michael Leyer will be on a research sabbatical and thus no lectures or thesis supervision is offered.

Thesis topics offered (Suggestions)

  • Algorithms instead of humans as customers in services
  • Acceptance of proactive services
  • Implications of new technologies on work and company design
  • Integration of IoT-applications in business processes
  • Process management for entrepreneurs - Methodologies for support
  • Cooperation between startups and established companies

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Process improvement methodologies in service companies (Summer term, Master in Service Management)

In the first (major) part of the course the methodology Business Engineering including the method PROMET®BPR is applied. The method allows for a systematic design of processes in service companies from strategy to single activities. This method is applied by students on an own case in supervised groupwork. In the second part students get to know Six Sigma and Lean Management at the example of a loan process within a workshop format. Using the professional role play “KreditSim” students are part of a process and learn relevant tools for improvement. 

Course design: Action learning, lecture, seminar; term paper, presentation; Language: German

Process management in service companies (winter term, Master in Service Management)

The course starts with foundations of process management including scientific insights. Starting point for process management in service companies are employees for whom tasks should be coordinated in a best possible way. To do so, processes have to be defined and documented. Here, a continuous as well as consistent modelling is important as well as the company culture. The company culture often has an influence on the creation and modification of processes. Further on, existing processes have to be measured, analysed and developed.

Course design: Lecture, seminar; term paper, presentation; Language: English

Business Analytics (winter term, Bachelor in Business Administration and Economics)

The course provides an overview on the application areas and opportunities of Business Analytics. The course sets off with the necessity of Business Analytics to support the management of organisations and informs regarding the options of application for strategic positioning, internal organisation and customers. Furthermore, aspects of theory and correlations as well as ethical aspects will be considered. The course combines theoretical and conceptional foundation with practical case studies including own data gathering by students.

Course design: Lecture, seminar, case studies; Exam; Language: German

Project seminar Operations Managament (winter term, Bachelor in Business Administration and Economics)

The module "Project Seminar Business Administration and Economics" is a compulsory module in the Bachelor course in Business Administration and Economics. In this module planned for the 5th semester, students deepen their ability to deal scientifically with a business topic. In the seminar, students are given the opportunity to take the module exam by preparing and then presenting a seminar thesis. The students deal with current issues and events in the area of operations management embedded in the context of customers, business models and digitization. After an introductory course, the students have 6 weeks to write the seminar thesis.

Course design: Seminar; seminar thesis; Language: German