Prof. Dr. Bernd Marcus

Leiter des Lehrstuhls für ABWL: Organisations- und Personalpsychologie



Raum: 214

Telefon: +49 381 498 4455

Fax: +49 381 498 4419


Sprechzeiten: nach Vereinbarung

Akademischer Werdegang

1995 Abschluss als Dipl.oec. an der Universität Hohenheim; danach dort Wiss. MA am Lehrstuhl für Psychologie

2000 Promotion an der Universität Hohenheim zum Dr.oec.

Nach Stationen an der Universität Tübingen, in der Privatwirtschaft in Berlin und an der TU Chemnitz 2004 Habilitation im Fach Psychologie an der TU Chemnitz

2005 bis 2007 Assistant Professor for Industrial and Organizational Psychology an der University of Western Ontario in London, Canada

2007 bis 2016 Professor für Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie an der Fernuniversität Hagen

Seit 1.10.2016 Inhaber des Lehrstuhls ABWL: Organisations- und Personalpsychologie an der Uni Rostock

Ausgewählte Forschungsinteressen und Publikationen

Kontraproduktives (abweichendes) Verhalten in Organisationen

Marcus, B., Taylor, O.A., Hastings, S.E., Sturm, A., & Weigelt, O. (2016). The structure of counterproductive work behavior: A review, a structural meta-analysis, and a primary study. Journal of Management, 42, 203-233.

Marcus, B., & Wagner, U. (2007). Combining dispositions, and evaluations of vocation and job to account for counterproductive work behavior in adolescent job apprentices. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 12, 161-176.

Marcus, B., & Schuler, H. (2004). Antecedents of counterproductive behavior at work: A general perspective. Journal of Applied Psychology, 89, 647-660.

Marcus, B., Schuler, H., Quell, P., & Hümpfner, G. (2002). Measuring counterproductivity: Development and initial validation of a German self-report questionnaire. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 10, 18-35.

Selbstdarstellung in der Berufseignungsdiagnostik

Marcus, B., Goldenberg, J., Fine, S., Hummert, H., & Traum, A. (2020). Self-Presentation in selection settings: The case of personality tests. Journal of Business and Psychology, 35, 557–571

Marcus, B. (2009). “Faking” from the applicant’s perspective: A theory of self-presentation in personnel selection settings. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 17, 417-430.

Marcus, B. (2006). Relationships between faking, validity, and decision criteria in personnel selection. Psychology Science, 48, 226-246.

Psychologische Testverfahren in der Personalauswahl

Marcus, B., Te Nijenhuis, J., Cremers, M., & Van der Heijden, K. (2016). Tests of integrity, HEXACO personality, and general mental ability, as predictors of integrity ratings in the Royal Dutch Military Police. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 24, 63-70.

Marcus, B., Lee, K., & Ashton, M. C. (2007). Personality dimensions explaining relationships between integrity tests and counterproductive behavior: Big Five, or one in addition? Personnel Psychology, 60, 1-34.

Marcus, B., Goffin, R. D., Johnston, N. M., & Rothstein, M. (2007). Personality and cognitive ability as predictors of typical and maximum managerial performance. Human Performance, 20, 275-285.

Berufliche Interessen und Aspirationen

Marcus, B., & Wagner, U. (2015). What do you want to be? Criterion-related validity of attained vocational aspirations versus inventoried person-vocation fit. Journal of Business and Psychology, 30, 51-62.

Probleme der Stichprobenziehung in der Surveyforschung

Marcus, B., Weigelt, O., Hergert, J., Gurt, J., & Gelléri, P. (2017). The use of snowball sampling for multi-source organizational research: Some cause for concern. Personnel Psychology,70(3), 635-673.

Marcus, B., Bosnjak, M., Lindner, S., Pilischenko, S., & Schütz, A. (2007). Compensating for low topic interest and long surveys: A field experiment on nonresponse in Web surveys. Social Science Computer Review, 25, 372-383.

Marcus, B., & Schütz, A. (2005). Who are the people reluctant to participate in research? Personality correlates of four different types of nonresponse as inferred from self- and observer ratings. Journal of Personality, 73, 959-984.

Wahrnehmung und Messung der Persönlichkeit

Schreiber, A., & Marcus, B. (2020). The place of the ‘Dark Triad’ in general models of personality: Some meta-analytic clarification. Psychological Bulletin, 146, 1021–1041. 

Marcus, B., Machilek, F., & Schütz, A. (2006). Personality in cyberspace: Personal websites as media for personality expressions and impressions. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 90, 1014-1031.

Marcus, B. (2003). An empirical examination of the construct validity of two alternative self-control measures. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 63, 674-706.